I really enjoyed this book. Just enough action to keep me really interested without overdoing it. The author has a great understanding of Texas and the way things work here. Or don't work sometimes!

If you have, you were likely young and felt yourself bulletproof. As the story of that steep downhill run unfolds in your memory, remember how you couldn’t stop. This book is like that. Trying to plan where the next step should be, trying to recall what might happen if you weren’t totally aware… This book works like gravity and pulls you into the story. It’s a fresh start and the action seems more real with each page.

Ted Candler,

Much of the book is set in Austin, and I often drive by the location of an especially memorable scene. When I do, I look for the sheriff walking up to the door. Haven’t seen him yet, but I know he’s been around.

The descriptions, dialog, detail, and characters feel authentic, and the author’s knowledge of politics, Austin bars, West Texas small towns, and — well — firearms is apparent. Both the structure and pace of the novel make it difficult to put down. I think I read it in two or three sittings. Perfect summer reading. Goes well with either beer or bourbon.

When reading the book, I frequently imagined a movie based on it. Something like “No Country for Old Men” or maybe “Blood Simple”. I guess the book’s characters, who are all engaging in their own ways, seem appropriate for a Cohen brothers’ production. Anyway, the visual descriptions and dialog are vivid. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

James Stephens,